Digital technology is enabling businesses of all sizes in meeting the growing demands of increasingly online customers who want to be served and consume products and services, on a device and format, at a place and time, of their convenience. Digital transformation can create fresh avenues for growth, productivity and profits. It involves re-orienting your company’s culture by leveraging data and technology to make more informed and faster decisions to better serve the demands of your customers.

Through our digital solutions, we are helping established businesses in digitization of their processes. We are also partnering with startups wanting to launch digital-first, mobile and web-based businesses.

Know more on how enterprises can embrace digital technology to acquire, serve and retain customers.

With more than 3.04 million apps on the Google Play Store, Android is the most popular mobile operating system globally with 71 per cent market share. In India this market share is even higher at . This presents a unique opportunity for startups and businesses to capitalize upon by building apps from social media applications, games, or enterprise mobile apps.

Blockchain technology offers decentralized solutions for app creation that improve transparency and eliminate unauthorized access and strong security protocols using intermediates.

The key benefits offered by Blockchain include:

  • It reduces the loss of data
  • Deploys data if there is a…

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed how corporations work. We’ve seen more businesses going online with goods and services, and many workers will continue to operate remotely or in a mixed environment for most of next year.

Months of diverse consumer responses to COVID-19 have provided us with some insights into the marketing patterns that function in this new normal and what you might expect in 2021. One thing is certain, the consumer behaviour has changed and as highlighted by Mckinsey many of these changes are here to stay.

In order to engage and attract current customers and generate more…

Here are four best ways in crisis-time, and especially during COVID 19, to firm up your digital marketing plan.

Conduct a Site Review

Make sure that the company name, what you offer and the value your business can bring are included on your website. Your website should help you maintain a continuous relationship with your customers in order to build trust and influence their buying decisions. It should also boost the brand and boost total profit.

Quick, clean and easy to understand web pages should be. Don’t search details for customers. Write short paragraphs and use headlines and bullet points.

The coronavirus is evidence that the bottom line is the only thing that matters when the going gets rough. Brands are facing unpredictable demand, the ripples of which are to be seen in many industries. Companies will try all possible ways to compensate for lost sales & earnings and in this one year they will have to improve themselves more than they have changed in the last decade.

We can see today that businesses are divided into two groups: either those overwhelmed by orders (groceries, household products, pet supplies, pharmacy, and general merchandise) or lack of orders and interactions (automotive…

We’ve been locked down for almost three months, and our world, as we know, has been turned upside down — business, even online, has been hit hard. But there’s some light at the end of the tunnel with the lockdown slowly being lifted with the start of Unlock 1.0, we might start seeing things go back to normal — but are you ready for that?

Brand awareness, at least in the short term, is not going to keep the lights on. …

Did you know that annual worldwide app downloads have grown 45% in the last 3 years to a record of 204 billion? Consumers spend 3.7 hours a day on mobile, up 35% from 2 years ago. In-app and subscription spend in both gaming and non-gaming tops $120 billion worldwide.

To date, 730,152 app publishers have published 3.3 million apps on the Google Play. All put together there are roughly 15.8 million apps across multiple app stores with roughly 2.6 million app publishers.

Companies need to think about mobile-first today. App Store Optimization is a vital aspect of the mobile growth…

The COVID-19 crisis would not only change how companies engage with their consumers but also how they organize their products and services and the value propositions they bring together around them.

The best digital campaigns continue to tell the story of the brand while remaining informative and offering guidance, keeping your brand in the mind during a period when your audience may have more time to consume good content digitally.

In the current situation, financial institutions can be seen as an ally, this is an opportunity for marketers. These are unparalleled, but also short-lived, times. …

As mentioned in Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana, one of the most well-known occurrences in the Hindu philosophy is The Samudra Manthan (Ocean Churning). The churning of the ocean brought forth opportunities and threats, a battle between gods and demons, it was through audacity and talent that the Gods were victorious and rejuvenated.

Churning of the Ocean, Manthan: Credit Wikipedia

Talent and audacity are both required to pivot an existing business towards new opportunities or launch new ideas in such turbulent times, a churning of the seas, to say

of the business landscape that we see now emerging from the onslaught of the #coronavirus pandemic that…

It would be fair to say that not many companies were ready for the disruption that was brought upon by the #Coronavirus crisis. Ensuring business continuity in crisis management mode requires the right mix of leadership, technology, patience and agility.

coronavirus impact on business

#Businesses that depended on habit-formation, face-to-face customer interaction, vanity purchase and experiential engagement will suffer the most. Let’s look at some of the sectors that are most likely to bear the brunt.

Many companies are encouraging employees to work from home, reducing road traffic and demand for fuels. At the same time, many regular users of public transport are shifting…

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